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La Geria, Lanzarote’s fine wines

La Geria is a breath-taking wine region located in the heart of Lanzarote.

Famous for its unique viticulture practices, the area is characterized by a stunning landscape of volcanic ash and small craters, locally known as “lapilli.”

Ingenious farmers cultivate vines in individual pits, protected from the strong winds by stone walls, creating an enchanting sight of orderly vineyards spread across the black terrain.

These distinct growing conditions yield exceptional wines, especially the island’s renowned Malvasia grape variety.

Visiting La Geria allows travellers to experience the island’s winemaking traditions, savour exquisite local wines, and admire the harmonious blend of human ingenuity and natural beauty that define this extraordinary wine-growing region.

It is recommended to visit the wineries and try Malvasia volcanica.