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La Graciosa Islannd – the eight Canary island

La Graciosa is one of the islands within the Chinijo archipelago, located on the north coast of Lanzarote.

This protected natural area is the largest marine reserve in the European Union.

La Graciosa, the eighth Canary Island, is a desert enclave in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that boasts spectacular beaches where you can relax and soak in the sun.

Ferries to La Graciosa depart from Puerto de Órzola, a small fishing village, and the journey takes about 20 minutes, making it a perfect morning or afternoon trip from Lanzarote.

Anyone who has visited the island of La Graciosa will never forget the impact of the scene as the boat approaches the port. Ferries depart every thirty minutes from the port of Órzola in Lanzarote.